New Year Same You

New Year Same You

New Year Same You

Happy New Year!  Is your motto New Year New You?  After many failed attempts at my new year's resolution I have decided that this year I will take a different approach. It's a little more like New Year Same You (but better).  I can't think of any way worse than starting my year focusing on all the things I have apparently done wrong in the past years.  You know?  Like I ate waaaayyy to many Christmas cookies and now I am completely bloated so I need to lose weight kind of thing.  Even though both of things are true it still feels pretty negative to tell myself that I am too bloated and therefore I can't eat cookies.  In fact, if I'm being honest, that idea makes me want to eat lots and lots of cookies.  Don't get me wrong I totally get the need to set some goals for the year but I have never been good at depriving myself of things.  I am too rebellious.


So this year my plan is to focus on the things I am already doing right and then build on those.  Good decisions lead to good decisions.  I think they also lead to confidence which is what I need to keep going.  So, I am a pretty good cook and I really like cooking.  It's kind of a stress reliever for me.  Since I already like cooking and I'm good at it my plan is to only eat cookies that I make myself.  First off, it's unlikely that I will make cookies as much as I would like to eat cookies which equals less right?  AND, if I do make them I will likely use healthier ingredients because I will have some choice (like swapping refined sugar for maple syrup).  So, I will still satisfy my sweet tooth but when I'm done I will feel good about it instead of the guilt and shame that I would feel if I ate a package of cookies after telling myself no.


Will this work?  I don't know.  But, in the past I have had lots of experience with failed goals that have led to shame, guilt, and anxiety.  I have also had some recent experience with the approach of forgiveness and love which has led to success.  Loving yourself and putting all of your focus on the positive will lead to positivity in general.  


So, I challenge you to tweak your resolution and focus on all the things you are already doing right! Love yourself and forgive mistakes.  It's gonna be a good year!  

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