Beauty Tips I Should Have Listened To In My 20’s

Beauty Tips I Should Have Listened To In My 20’s

Beauty Tips I Should Have Listened To In My 20’s


Now that I am creeping up on 40 (eeeeeek!) I am finally beginning to understand the importance of taking care of my skin.  My skincare routine started out in my teens using those sandpaper wipes in the container to wipe my face clean.  Those stinky face pads were so potent and scratchy it's a miracle that I don't have permanent scars from wiping!  In my 20's I think I went a few years without cleaning my face at all.  I am pretty sure I woke up everyday and just re applied makeup to the stuff that I already had on.  In my 30's, I finally had a little more money and definitely spent my share of cash in expensive beauty routines that I really never followed through with.  


So, now in my late 30's I have finally committed to a simple routine of gently cleanser, moisturize, and the occasional under eye cream.  However, no matter what routine I choose I know that I cannot reverse the suffering I put my skin through over the years.  Here are the things I should have done in my 20's:


1. Sunscreen. The more I learn about sun damage the more I cringe with fear.  I did not use enough sunscreen in my 20's.  Nor did I cover my face when in the sun.  I can't believe I would just be out in the sun (tanning) with my bare face looking right at the SUN!!!  What was I thinking?!?!?!?  


2.  Makeup remover and moisturize at night!  Why did I not have time to wash off my makeup and rub some nice moisturizing cream onto my face and hands before bed?  I literally had nothing to do back then (compared to now) and I cannot believe I didn't make time for this.  So important.


3.  Steer clear of the smoke!  Thank goodness most places are smoke free now.  However, in my 20's I was known to have a few cigaretts while spending my time hanging out in a smoky bar watching my favorite band.  Those fine lines around my eyes and mouth were most likely kickstarted by this horrible habit!  


4.  Eat fruits and vegetables.  So much of what is going on with the skin is coming from the inside out.  There was probably a period of time in college where I only ate french fries and pizza (for like a year).  Produce was the furthest thing from my mind.  


5.  Get more sleep.  Just like above getting enough sleep is crucial to healthy and glowing skin.  Dark circles are not easy to cover and they are literally gone after a few days of a good sleep routine.


Hopefully someone out there is reading this and thinking that they might be making some of the mistakes that I made.  It's not too late to implement a few healthy strategies now that will save you so much time and effort when you're a little older.



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