What is Balayage you ask?  Well,  it's defined as a technique for highlighting hair that is painted on in a such a way to make a graduated/natural effect.  I personally love this look and here are five reasons why:


1.  LESS MAINTENANCE!!!  I am at a point in my life where I don't want to see a single strand of gray hair.  I also want to be a blonde (a natural brunette). Before balayage I was doing all over color and highlights at every visit.  That can get expensive!  Now, I just touch up my roots while my blonde naturally flows throughout.  


2.  It's not really ombre.  Balayage in french means "to sweep." Balayage has more flow.  Remember when you were a little girl and your hair would brighten in the sun in the summer?  Now you can have that look again (even if it means spending your summer at your cubicle).


3. You can go drastic or not.  I like that this is a look that works with any color to create a multi layer effect.  But, you don't have to dull down your color.  You can paint some strands much lighter to create a wow factor like no other.


4.  It fits your cut.  Not all highlights are one size fits all (remember the caps ladies?).  Because balayage is natural you can paint the strands that accent your style the best.


5.  Natural is awesome!  By following the natural flow of light to dark you will create a look that was quite literally meant for you. 

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