Hello Fall!

Hello Fall!

Hello Fall!


Well Hello Fall!  I know, I know.....It's hardly the fall feeling I am going for as I sit here typing this in a tank top with the air condiitioning running.  But,  later this week the forecast is looking more like sweater weather and I just can't deny the adorable fall decorations I am seeing everywhere.  It's time.  


I love fall for so many reasons but mostly because it just feels so cozy.  It's not yet freezing so you can still be outside.  There are festivals going on around town almost every weekend.  Halloween and Thanksgiving are just the best holidays.  And so much more.  Here are a few things on my fall bucket list:


-Drink lots of tea and coffee.  Something about a warm cup in my hand just puts me right at ease.

-Go to Huber's to pick the perfect pumpkins.  Who doesn't love pumpkin picking?  Maybe it's the hayride, maybe it's the beautiful fall foliage, but regardless it just makes me so happy.

-Snuggle up in warm blankets and socks while watching Netflix (Hello shows! Thank goodness you're back).

-Hiking through the park.  What a great way to take it all in.  Crisp air and warm sunshiine are such a great combination.


I am so excited just thinking about it.  Can't wait for this heat to break.  What's on your list?

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