Get Away

Get Away

Get Away

Planning a getaway this summer?  Whether it's the beach with the family, a city concert with your girlfriend, or a rustic mountain retreat make sure that your time spent packing and unpacking doesn't take away that stress free feeling you've been waiting for.  Use these tips to empty out that makeup bag once and for all.


What's in that bag anyway?  That glimmery nail polish you bought for last year's Christmas party (or wait was that the year before)? Broken blush and shadow?  Sticky goo that once was something you loved?  Now is the perfect time to pour it all out and start over so that you are taveling with just the essentials and don't waste one second searching for your lip gloss.


Wipe down your bag and makeup with a baby wipe and start sorting.  Set aside a small box for the "seasonal" items and only take what you need.  Here it goes:


Sunscreen.  Just always.  Ok?  You with me?


Got have Dry Shampoo.  Who wants to spend all morning washing and drying when you could be chillin and relaxing?  


Gloss.  Pretty lips are always a must.  (Oh, and some with SPF is good too if you're in the sun).


Tinted moisturizer.  Who needs thick foundation this summer when you can use a light and airy tint...A little concealer and this will make you look fresh and free. Sooooooo....


Concealer.  Who knows what might happen.  Late night?  No one needs to know that.


A palette with blush and shadow.  Really, a small palette with a few colors can get you through vacation.


Mascara and liner.


Cleansing wipes.  This way you don't have to worry about spillage while it's stuffed in your bag.



That one thing.  Is there something that you just can't go without?  Mine is my eyelash curler.  I might be makeup free but my lashes are curled I feel great!


Travel light and free this summer!  Spend less time fussing with your look and more time looking at the beauty around you.  When you get home keep up that free and easy routine so you can carry your vacation with you!  Safe travels.







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