COVID-19 Safety

The New Normal In

Corona Free Zone: We want to provide an escape from the stress that has been caused by the Coronavirus. We want to keep conversations positive and reflect on the blessings that have come from our experiences over the last several weeks. Let’s refrain from talking about the negatives or politics of the pandemic.

Our reopening will look a lot different for all of us. We want to be very clear that our staff will be taking your safety very seriously. There will be many new safety and sanitation initiatives that we have implemented to follow the state and federal guidelines. We want to give you as much information as possible in order for you to be prepared for your visit:

*Social Distancing: Our team will be working extended hours and extra days in order to reduce the number of people in our business in a day. Our stations and shampoo bowls are spread out to keep a safe, healthy distance.

*Masks: State guidelines require all staff and guests to wear a mask. NO EXCEPTIONS. We appreciate you bringing your own mask but we will have them available if you need one. Massage guests will be required to wear a mask when lying face up on the table.

*Touch-less greetings & goodbyes: Unfortunately, we will not be shaking hands or hugging at this time.

*Limited personal items: We ask that you keep all personal items in your car. NO bags, purses, drinks, food, etc will be allowed. We will provide you with a gallon size plastic bag to place personal items in if necessary such as your phone, keys and credit card.

*Arrival: We ask that you arrive for your appointment at the time of your appointment and no earlier. Please DO NOT bring children, friends, or any other visitors with you to your appointment at this time. The only exception will be if a minor is scheduled for an appointment and is accompanied by an adult. Upon arrival you will text us to let us know you are here (the number to text will be displayed on our Welcome board out front) and we will let you know when you can come in. Once inside, you will be asked to sign our waiver and wash your hands before your appointment begins and have your temperature taken.

**Payment: a credit card will be required at the time of booking and can be used for touchless checkout on the day of your appointment. IF you miss your appointment without giving a 24 hour notice, your card will be charged a $35 late cancellation/no show fee. We will not be accepting cash at this time.

**Gratuity: we will now be facilitating all gratuity payments through a new program called Tippy. After paying for your service, you will choose your service provider and the amount you wish to leave on an iPad and swipe your card through a square reader.  The payment will be deposited into the service provider’s bank account the next day.

**Retail Area: please help us to keep germ transmission to a minimum by avoiding touching products in the retail area unless you plan to purchase them. Any products picked from the shelves will be wiped down and placed in a bag before purchasing.

**Cleaning & Sanitation: – we have implemented extra cleaning and sanitizing measures to ensure the safety of our team and guests. This includes extra hand washing before and after every guest, wiping clean and disinfecting all tools, and surfaces between guests at the stations, shampoo bowls and in the restroom. Stylists will use a freshly laundered cape for each guest and will have hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes at each station.

**Massage: Guests receiving massages will follow the same arrival procedures mentioned above and will be escorted to the treatment room where they will consult with our therapist. There will be no foot soaks for now and the bed will contain a single set of freshly laundered sheets.

**Extra Fees for PPE/Additional Expenses Incurred due to COVID-19: At this time, we will not be charging an extra fee despite the fact that we have taken on a significant amount in extra expenses to operate within required guidelines, however, if you would like to contribute to our CARE fund to help offset costs, we would greatly appreciate it. Anyone who donates will receive a FREE bottle of hand sanitizer while supplies last.

**First Responders/Healthcare Workers: We will reserve 2 appointments per week for first responders and healthcare workers FREE of charge as a token of our appreciation to their dedication and bravery through the pandemic.

**Retail Product Purchases: we will need to limit the number of guests in the retail area while we’re open so we ask that you call ahead to place your order so that we can pull your items and have them ready for you when you arrive.  Upon arrival, you will text the number listed on our welcome board to let us know you have arrived and we will bring your products out to you.


**Aveda Rituals: Temporarily we will be pausing our standard ritual practices such as foot soaks, neck, shoulder, and hand massages until state regulations are changed to allow us to perform them. We are just as disappointed as you are about this, so we will adjust by offering a hot towel treatment for your hands at the shampoo bowl and place a small amount of Hand Relief in your hands with a wooden applicator for you to moisturize your hands. We can all use a little extra moisture these days with all the hand washing and hand sanitizer. Massages will include a hot towel treatment for your feet.


**Color Services: Keep in mind that we may need to use extra color due to the length of time it’s been between touch ups and your cost may be a little higher to account for that.  IF you have used home hair color or are in need of corrective color, please let us know when booking your appointment so we can allow for extra time.


If you have been exposed to or live with anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19 or if you are currently experiencing symptoms, please wait to schedule an appointment until you have quarantined for the appropriate amount of time.  Out of respect for your service provider, their family and our salon family and guests, safety needs to be our top priority.


For booking, our priority will be to reschedule existing guests who were cancelled from our schedule during our time of closure before we book any new guests. We ask for your patience and understanding during this time as we are working quickly and very diligently to get everyone back in as quick and safely as possible!

Thanks so much,
Laura Watkins