Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

I love myself (not in that egotistical mean way).  Ok, what I mean is that I am finally at a place in my life where I feel confident and comfortable (most of the time).  Let me be clear-I am socially awkward, I still get adult acne, I embarrass myself at least once a week, and I am always sweating.  Buuuuutttt, those things really don't bother me like they used to. I am able to laugh at myself and move on instead of fretting over and over again.


Loving yourself can be really hard.  There are soooooo many ways that the world influences our feelings.  It can be impossible to ignore.  Seriously, the amount of advertisements telling me what I should (worst word EVER) be doing to make myself better is overwhelming.  To avoid it all I just have unplug and dig deep for that little voice who is easily lost to remind me that I am good.  Great even. 


Then, I get back to doing those things for myself to prove I love me.  Rest, relaxation, and nourishment (physical and emotional).  It seems like 3 really easy things but sometimes those three things are last on the list after millions of obligations and "requirements" of life.  





You're probably wondering what a green smoothie has to do with loving yourself.  Well, it's one way that I show myself the love everyday.  Sometimes I have it for breakfast, sometimes as a snack, or just anytime I need a pick me up.  It's sounds crazy, but when I give my body good things I immediately feel good emotionally.  I just know it's a good choice and so I feel happy.  


So, I'll share this very easy recipe with you.  


You'll need:

Some kind of blender.  (I use a nutribullet.  I love it so much more than the big bulky blenders).

Handful and a half of spinach

1/2 cup of blueberries

1/2 frozen banana (if you forgot to freeze, no worries, just use a few ice cubes too-nothing worse than hot smoothie).

1 tbsp of almond butter

1 tsp of vanilla

1tsp of cinnamon

(and here you can add other things you like-flaxseed, chia seeds, turmeric, avocado, etc. whatever makes ya feel good).

1 cup of water (you could also do almond milk, coconut water, etc.)

Whiz for a few seconds AND............................




Yumminess for your body and soul!  


Hope you enjoy.


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