Ways to Beautify

Ways to Beautify

Ways to Beautify

By: Morgan Lindsey


So what’s your best defense against chapped lips, straw hair, and a parched complexion? Try these strategies along with our best kept Aveda secret and win your beauty battle against Mother Nature.
We’re in love with our amazing Aveda Beautifying Composition! This oil absorbs so well that there's no reason why you shouldn't tap its' potential and use it where your skin needs moisture the most. From its multi-use capabilities, we just can’t get enough.
Repeat after me (literally): "Oils are good for you." If you have sensitive combination skin, the notion of smothering your skin with grease may seem horrifyingly counter-intuitive, but a good-quality, nutrient-dense organic oil can calm redness and balance sebum production. Try one or all of the many ways we like to use Aveda Beautifying Composition… FYI – a little goes a long way!




FYI- Harmful oils to banish from your beauty cabinet include synthetic compounds like mineral oil and paraffin, which are comedogenic and cause break outs.
- To restore dry hands and feet: Massage oil into hands and feet to relieve dryness and restore moisture.
- Moisturizer booster: Add a few drops to your daily facial moisturizer or body lotion to leave skin feeling soft and supple.
- Natural deodorant: Adding a few drops to your body or moisturizer prevents those unpleasant body odors. (They actually used the active ingredient in beautifying oil, bergamot, as deodorant in the old days!)
- Massage oil: Use it as a massage oil for your scalp, neck and shoulders. The amazing blend of rosemary, lavender and bergamot will take you to relaxed bliss.
- Make-up remover: Give eyes a little extra love when you use it this way. Jojoba oil in beautifying composition helps to erase even the most stubborn traces of your waterproof mascara.
- Cleanse your face with it before bed without causing breakouts because it gets rid of the bad bacteria while keeping the good bacteria and the oil doesn't clog pores.
- Cuticle oil: use it as a cuticle oil for at home manicures.
- Eye treatment: substitute beautifying composition for your nightly eye cream to prevent dryness and wrinkles.
- Crow’s feet- A guest who has been using this for over 20 years doesn’t have one line on her face and she is 40! Is it luck or genetics, or it is this product? All I know is if I can look like her or even close when I'm that age- I'll take 10 bottles, please & thank you!


pregnant belly


- Use it to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy (it’s true!): beautifying oil makes the skin more pliable. Apply to your abdomen and any other areas you’re worried about – twice a day to help prevent stretch marks.
- Make scars more pliable


tan legs


- Sooth sun-exposed skin: last week I was a scorched lobster, I applied Beautifying oil and the next day I was lightly pink, then following day I had a pretty glowing tan. (& this never happens, I always peel!)
- Use on chapped lips.


salt scrub


- Mix with sugar or salt to exfoliate your legs, feet, and hands.
- Use to reduce eczema and eczema prone areas.
- Aids the healing process if you cut yourself shaving.


- Condition hair by massaging on dry and itchy scalps prior to shampooing. You can even use it as a leave in conditioning treatment: add a few drops to your scalp and comb through to remedy dry, parched hair. Let the oil soak in overnight, and rinse out in the morning.
- Apply to hair as a de-tangler before drying or a de-frizzer after drying (this is best in small amounts). For the women that always get tangling and matting around the neck especially after wearing a collared shirt or turtleneck, this is your miracle solution!
- Want to speed up your blowout? Run a little through the ends of your damp hair before reaching for that drier. Because oil and water don't mix, the oil penetrates the cuticle, pushes out the water and helps to cut down the time needed.
- No more dull, drab curly hair! Applying a generous amount of oil on wet hair and let the ringlets form. Once the curls dry, you can scrunch in a little more to add shine.
- So that means hair oils can be used on dry hair, too? Yes! Pull a smidgen of oil through your blowout or smooth it over an up-do to help lock out frizz, banish rampant fly-a-ways and intensify gloss and shine.
- Use on babies for cradle cap: Beautifying oil is jojoba based and has the same PH as human skin. It's even tear free!
- Sleep: soothing aromas help to relax the senses to give you a peaceful night’s sleep. Even calm children to prepare them for sleep.
- I even use it to shine-up my leather boots (shhh, Aveda can't endorse this use!)


And to top it all off, it has a light and subtle fragrance you’ll go gaga over! Made of a curated cocktail of "good" oils, the product smells absolutely divine from the infusion of aromatic organic bergamot, lavender and rosemary essential oils. Lavender is soothing to stressed skin, refreshing and relaxing to both body and mind. Rosemary is a natural antiseptic with an invigorating effect on both body and mind. Components of the essential oil of Bergamot are antibiotic and disinfectant in nature.


These are just a few of the reasons why our team at Pure Salon Spa thinks Beautifying Composition is heavenly! What other ways do you use beautifying oil? We want to know!

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