Summer 2014 Makeup Trends

Summer 2014 Makeup Trends

Summer 2014 Makeup Trends

By Jennifer Radford


Makeup trends are constantly changing. Some looks come and go, some stay around a little longer than others and just like everything else in the world of fashion, once it's gone you can usually count on it coming back around a few years later. This season what you can expect to see is lots of color. For someone like me, this is very exciting!!


lip colors on the runwayrunway makeup


On the runways I am seeing a lot of colorful lips, and when I say colorful I mean that literally. Don't be surprised to see yellow, purple, blue and orange lips. While I personally think these looks are AWESOME and would love to rock a yellow or orange lip, unfortunately since I'm not on the runway that may not go over well for every day. (Don't put it past me on a night out, though.)

yellow lips
There are plenty of very fun looks using pops of color that can be easily worn for your work day, spending the day shopping with friends or a night out. Thankfully for us Aveda comes out with a collection of colors every Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. This makes it foolproff to choose new colors and always be aware of the latest makeup trends.


aveda summer makeupaveda summer makeup


What I see right now for eyes are lots of pastels. Colors including pinks, purples, greens, and if you want to keep it to the neutrals you can even find new earth tones. You can absolutely use theses colors for a dramatic, colorful affect but if you're not one for bold eyes you can use them for subtle pops of color. Use a soft matte or luminous highlighter on the eye and then in either corner put a little splash of the pastel color of choice. Purples and greens are usually a safe bet for almost anyone, but don't discount your pinks and blues because they can be a fun way to spice up your look while keeping it subtle.


summer pastel eye


If eyes aren't your thing, or maybe they are but you still want more to add to your summer look, lips are a must. For those of you who are uncomfortable in a bold lip my first advice to you is to wear it anyway! I promise you will look good in it! You will definitely catch some attention, but in a good way. While I always love a red lip, bright pink and plums are super fun right now for summer. However, if you can't get over your fear of a bold lip don't fret because nudes are still on trend. Use a soft gloss with just a hint of tone to accentuate your look.


lips for runway


Finish your look off with a light dusting of blush or bronzer on the cheeks to give yourself a glow and you're good to go!


Jennifer Radford is a hairstylist and the premier makeup artist at Pure Salon Spa. She has had the pleasure of doing makeup for many Louisville weddings, fashion shows and modeling agencies. By staying on top of the latest trends, she is able to give her guests the beauty and confidence they are looking for. If you would like to create a new Summer look for yourself, call Pure to reserve some time with her.



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